There are three basic inbox features:

  1. Out of office
  2. Transfer
  3. My Trusted Viewers

A. Out of Office

Follow these steps to assign your work to another user in your agency while you are out of the office. Click on Out of Office under Actions: 

Input Starting* and Ending* Dates. Select Reason* from the drop-down list, and input the User ID of the person to delegate tasks to: 

Check off applicable Task Groups, and then SAVE under Actions.

B. Transfer 

To transfer tasks to another user follow these steps: Choose Transfer from the drop-down list next to the task you wish to transfer, and click on the arrow. 

Enter the user ID of the person you wish to transfer the task to in the Transfer to User box, and enter your comments in the Transfer Notes/Comments box; then, click on Transfer.

C. My Trusted Viewers

This feature allows others that you designate to view your inbox. Follow these steps to set up: Click on My Trusted Viewers under Actions:

Select Add Trusted Viewers under Actions: 

Enter the User ID of person you are allowing to view your inbox, and Save. 

Your trusted viewer will now see your User ID in their inbox selection and can view by clicking on Refresh Inbox.