is CSE's new and updated insured portal. Insureds can view their policies, documents, make payments, and more. 


View my Coverage

This section lets insureds view their coverage details. 

View my Documents

This section lists all the documents by policy number. When insureds sign up for paperless delivery, they view all their documents under this section. The documents are listed by their name and the date they were made available as shown below.


Link Other Policy 

If insureds have multiple policies with CSE, they will now be able to link these policies under this tab. They will need to enter the policy number and the billing zip code to link them.


Enroll Paperless Delivery

This feature enables users to sign up for paperless delivery through the portal. This section will also list all the policies for the insureds, so they can pick and choose which policies to enroll in paperless delivery.


View my Billing 

This section displays the billing information for each policy. The insured can click on "Make Payment" under this section and will be redirected to the payment page.


Enroll Payment Reminders

The toggle lets insureds sign up for payment reminders.