Agents can make payments on SPInn by clicking the ‘Make Payment’ option under actions. There are three modes of payment available in SPInn:

  1. ACH
  2. ACH Trust Account
  3. Credit/Debit Card

Payments made via ACH and ACH Trust Account will be overnight processes. Once the details are filled and the payment is made, the data is transferred to our payment vendor who processes the transaction and sends the feedback to SPInn.

Credit/debit card payments happen via secure hand-off process that redirects the agent to the Wells Fargo page. The details of the insured name, policy number, email, payment amount, and other customer information are passed and pre-populated in the Wells Fargo page. 

Once on the page, you can choose a payment method on the pop-up that appears as shown below:


Or, add the payment under Verify Payment:


If the agent chooses credit card under the payment method, they will see the following screen:


The customer details are already available, and after entering the credit card information, the agent can click on Make Payment to complete the payment for that policy.