There are three major types of tasks coming from UW to agents:

  1. To Do
  2. New Business App Sent back for Info
  3. Approved New Business App.

A. To Do Task 

To work on the To Do task, select "Work" from the drop-down, and click on the arrow next to it.

The task note is shown as a pop-up. The question or the task is highlighted as shown below:

Click on the Complete Task on the top right corner of the page which opens the task screen. You can make remarks and add your comments. Then, click on Complete. This sends the request back to CSE.

If you want to attach a file, click on the Attachments Tab and attach the file.

Once attached, click on Complete Task, and you can enter your notes. 

B. New Business App

Click on the Arrow next to Work box.

Sticky Note will be posted with the task highlighted in red.

To respond, scroll down to the bottom of the page and input remarks in the Workflow comments box and submit for approval.

If other actions are required, click on Make Changes, complete actions, click on Bind & Submit to return to Closeout page; enter remarks in Workflow Comments and Submit for Approval.

C. Approved New Business App

To issue, click on arrow next to work box.

Closeout screen will open. Click on Issue Policy at the bottom of the page to complete new business issuance.

Click on Issue Policy.