The policy will appear in SPINN on the History tab when Search is clicked.

The renewal is the first item in the Transaction History with a Term-Seq Num that is one number greater than the previous term's Sequence numbers. Each term may have multiple sequences. Be sure that the Effective Date on that Term-Seq Number is before the Renewal Date.

Click on a term-seq number that is below the Renewal and before the Renewal Date. In this case, it is 3-7, and the line will highlight Bold. You may then start a transaction using today’s date or any date within the current term.

When the Effective Date of the endorsement is entered, you'll see the message: "The current transaction will also apply changes to renewal Policies. Processing it will automatically apply to the renewal term unless a conflict is detected."

This is a screen shot of what the History looks like before the endorsement is processed:

You'll then proceed with the endorsement as usual. When the information is completed, you will need to Save, click Bind & Submit in the Action Box, and Endorse Policy at the bottom of next screen.

The History tab will indicate that the endorsement went through on the renewal, and you'll see this:

If a conflict was detected in SPINN, you will need to apply the change manually. When that happens, the History tab will look like this:

Finally, click Apply, and it will begin processing the endorsement in the renewal term.

When the endorsements have been completed, the endorsement package will be available in each term in the Policy File.