CSE has an automated validation of discount proofs to ensure discounts are applied accurately.  


30 days from binding the new business policy or adding the discount mid-term, SPInn will check if proof documents have been uploaded to the policy file.  If proof documents are not found, the system will automatically remove the discount(s).  If proof is found, the system will keep the discount(s).


 1.  Currently the Trailing Docs proof requirements are displayed when binding the transaction.


2. The users click on Upload Button to upload the trailing documents. The upload functionality is where the users chooses the applicable discount to upload proof for. 

The upload functionality includes options for individual discounts.

The user can click on the drop down arrow for Sub-category.

3. The proof documents are updated into SPInn under the Policy File tab.



4. The system removes the discount when proof documents are not found in the SPInn under Policy File Tab.