From the History tab of the policy, click on Start Transaction.

Choose Cancellation from the Transaction drop down list, and click on Select as shown below.

Enter requested cancellation date in the Effective Date field.

Select cancellation reason in the Description field.  

Below are options for the applicable products.

Property Products
1. Sold home
2. Moved out-of-state
3. Switching carriers
4. Rewrite due to changing closing date
5. Other

Auto Products
1. Moved out-of-state
2. Switching carriers
3. No longer driving
4.. Other

Enter any details of the cancellation as needed (not required), and press start.

An "Incomplete" message will appear requiring upload of the trailing document for the Cancellation.  Press “Go To Attachments”.

Select Attach File in the next page

Select Add Files and enter any relevant notes

Select the document to upload, press Open

Select Add Attachment

The previous "Incomplete" error message has been removed, and the cancellation can be processed. Once you click "Process", the policy will be cancelled.