Start Endorsement transaction by entering Effective Date and “Vehicle Replacement” as the Description.

In the Vehicle List page, a new option labeled “Replace” is provided.  Select “Replace” for the vehicle being replaced.

A message appears confirming the replacement option.  Select OK to proceed.

A new page displays with Est. Annual Miles(ICO) or Recommended/Estimated Mileage(Safeguard) and applicable coverages copied  from the replaced vehicle.

Enter VIN, Odometer Reading, New or Used, Purchase/Lease and date.

  • Enter the prior and current Odometer Reading miles and dates, if applicable.  
  • If Prior Odometer Reading and Date is not available, enter the same readings and dates for Prior and Current.

Note: If either the copied Recommended or Estimated mileage is changed by an unauthorized user, Underwriting review and approval will be required.

After saving the changes, the vehicle list is updated to reflect the new and replaced vehicle (check “Show Deleted Items” to view the replaced/deleted vehicle).

Select Review & Submit to view the changes.

Once the changes are confirmed, select “Endorse Policy”.  If further changes need to be made, select “Make Changes”.  The remainder of the process follows the normal endorsement workflow.